Hatshepsut’s Family Tree


Names in bold were pharaohs

?  means their parents are not certain

=  means married each other



   Ahmose = Ahmose Nefertari

                                                            Amenhotep I             ?Ahmose = Thutmose I = ?Mutnofret


                                        Hatshepsut = Thutmose II = Isis


                                                     Princess Neferure*   Thutmose III**



*Neferure, Hatshepsut's only child, died before my story takes place. Senenmut was her tutor when she was young.

**Thutmose III's main wife was Hatshepsut-Merytre. Their son was the next pharaoh, Amenhotep II.

His son was Thutmose IV, whose son was Amenhotep III, whose son was Akhenaten, whose son was Tutankhamun.

All of these kings were related, and belong to what we call Dynasty 18. A dynasty is a royal family which rules for several generations.