Egyptian Tomb Paintings

Egyptian tomb paintings originally in The Bookshop, Withington, Manchester

 Click on the pictures to see larger versions, the original paintings, and close-up details of my versions.


The goddess Maat, from the tomb of Nefertari, Valley of the Queens. 3' X 8'  


Hieroglyphs from the side of the entrance to Nefertari's burial chamber.  2' X 3'    


Scenes from tombs of Sennedjem and Nakht, Luxor.  2' X 8'


Funerary banquet scenes from tomb of Nebamun, Luxor (now in British Museum)  3' X 8'  



Scenes from tomb of Nakht, Luxor.  3' X 8'   



Scenes from tomb of Nakht, Luxor.   2' X 6'



Nebamun hunting in the marshes (now in British Museum)



Birds in an acacia tree - tomb of Khnumhotep, Beni Hasan, and detail of hoopoe


'Spotty cows' from tomb of Sennedjem.


Cat from tomb of Nebamun