How to Make a Model of a Greek Theatre

You will need:     Large piece of white card (for back wall), about 20cm high X 1m long

                            Large square (or round) piece of card (for base)

                            A4 sized pieces of white card

                            Rectangular box about shoe box size (for stage)

                            Paint & brushes (for scenery & other decorations)


                            Glue or sellotape

                            Materials to make trees, people, etc.


Instructions:            1. Curve long strip of card into horseshoe shape and stick onto base (either glue flaps or sellotape)

                               2. Cut A4 cards in half lengthways and crimp to make seats

                               3. Stick onto wall and base as shown in diagram, all the way round

                               4. Use box as stage as shown; attach a flat piece of card as the scenery. Paint this first with trees, hills, buildings etc.

                               5. Add figures, trees, other decorations as desired

Theatre at Epidauros