Pharaoh's Names - Answers and Game #2      

Cartouche Name Meaning Notes

User-maat-re Setep-en-re

The Strong Justice of Re, Chosen by Re Ramses II's throne name
Ramses Mery-Amun Ramses, Beloved of Amun Ramses II's name (the plant at the end, which stands for sw, is usually not pronounced).
2. Cleopatra Famous Father (Greek) Last pharaoh
3. Khufu   Buried in the Great Pyramid
4. Ptolemy   Name of 15 pharaohs  after Greek conquest of Egypt
5. Maat-ka-re Righteous Spirit of Re Hatshepsut's throne name
Hatshepsut Khnemet-Amun Hatshepsut, Joined with Amun

(Hatshepsut = First of Noble Ladies)

Female pharaoh
6. Alexander

(Alexandros in Greek)

  Alexander the Great's name - conquered Egypt in 3232BC
7. Khafre Appearing like Re Son of Khufu, buried in pyramid next to Great Pyramid
8. Neb-kheperu-re


Tutankhamun (Heqa-Iunu-Shema)

Re is the Lord of Forms


Living Image of Amun (Ruler of Thebes)

When he was born, Tut's name was Tutankhaten. He was named after the god Aten. This changed when Amun once again became king of the gods.


Name the Pharaoh's Name Game #2

Now you know some cartouches, see if you can read them in the pictures below. Some are cartouches alone, then there are some cartouches with extra words about the pharaoh, like 'king', or son of Ra'. Use the table at the bottom to find these extra words. Click here for the answers. Some of the spellings may be slightly different from those above.


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All the words in the pictures above can be found in this table: