Reviews of The King Herself     

Adele Geras, author of Troy and many other children's books:

This book is just the ticket for lovers of all things Egyptian. A very entertaining  read, I must say. I'm sure children will enjoy it, too. The characters were engaging, the dialogue was good, and it was an exciting story.

Susan Goundry-Kruse, of Stories from the Web - a website devoted to children's books

I have had a lot of fun putting up the first chapter of The King Herself, written by Tony North. It is a fantastic story suitable for good readers of nine and above and chronicles the adventures of Danny and Katy who time-travel to ancient Egypt and to the kingdom of one of the Ancient World's greatest monarchs, Hatshepsut, King of Egypt, and a woman.

Hatshepsut was a real historical character, who eventually declared herself King after the death of her husband, Thutmose II.

Not only is this a fun story, but the book is crammed full of really interesting facts. Tony North, the author, is a member of the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society, and his knowledge and passion for his subject sings out of every page.

It is an unusual book, but well worth a read, especially for historical fiction fans or anyone interested in Egypt of the past.

Tim Heath, Year 4 Teacher, St. James' CE Primary School, Ashton-under-Lyne:

Hi Tony, Managed to read your book and it was a life saver. I went to Australia in the summer and decided to get the train from Perth to Adelaide which is a 3 day journey across a desert. So it was the perfect opportunity to read your book. A few hours later it was finished. I thought it was an excellent plot submerged with loads of facts about Ancient Egypt. I certainly learnt a great deal without even realising! There were times where I did think I knew what was going to happen next, but low and behold there was another twist. The way they accessed time travel was very clever, and it took me quite a time to process how they did it.

Personally I really enjoyed reading the book and couldn't put it down. It was a fascinating look at what life was like in the reign of Queen Hatshepsut and you could imagine being there at that time. One thing it has made me want to do is visit Egypt. The detail and description helped you believe you had time-travelled yourself.

As for children who would read the book, it would be like an adventure of their own. I can only guess but I think kids of an older age would love the book, and if they are not interested in Ancient Egypt, they certainly would be intrigued and eager to learn more when they finish it. I definitely will be reading it to mine later in the year!

Thanks for letting me have a chance to read the book. If you have not already found a publisher, I can't see too many problems. All the best, Tim.

Carolyn Barton, Year 4 Teacher, Johnson Fold Primary, Bolton:

I really enjoyed 'The King Herself', it created such vivid pictures in my mind of what it would really have been like to be in Ancient Egypt.  I wished I was one of the children - to see the wonders of Egypt in all their glory!  The story was a brilliant adventure, and as a reader, I felt real hopes and fears for the children - would they manage to return to their own world safely in the end?  A fantastic read.  Thanks Tony, so glad I had the opportunity to read the book. 

Steven Goodreau, Professor of Anthropology, University of Washington:

Mr. North has written a delightful book that entertains and educates by making archaeology and history both come alive for readers. Any young person with an interest in the past, or with all things Egypt, or who has ever dreamt of travelling through time, will enjoy this book.

Kerryn Martin, aged 12:


A Y5 Girl:

hi. I am from Wilmslow Preparatory School For Girls and my rating of the king herself is a ten because you canít predict what is going to happen In it ( I am only on page 35) and also that you can imagine what is happening.
from Elizabeth form 5.

A Y4 Girl:

To Tony North

I really liked reading your book The King Herself. I really liked like the funny twists. It was a really good book because you never knew what was going to happen next.

From Ella