Photos from the first Romans workshop (just the artefacts lesson, a half day)


At Newchurch Primary School in Culcheth Near Warrington


All the finished artefacts. Below are photos of children making objects and then the finished artefacts.





Making the Roman coins


Making the Celtic Dragon brooch



Making the Roman sword (gladius)


Making the Celtic mirror



Making the Roman silver plate


Making the mosaic



Making the snake armband



Making the Celtic torc


Making the Roman shield (scutum)



Making the Roman scorpion necklace

Making the Celtic shield boss






The snake armband





Playing the Roman board game (merels)

The Roman helmet



A carved relief (in plaster) of a Roman soldier

A Celtic shield


A Roman shield

A mosaic (of a bird on someone's hand)



Celtic dragonesque brooch

Roman silver plate  - a lady playing the flute, worshipping Bacchus (based on the Mildenhall Treasure)

Celtic mirror (the Birdlip mirror)


Roman silver plate, a deer from the Mildenhall treasure

Roman coins